Concert Programs:

My concert programs contain original songs, ballads, that tell the stories of Great Lakes history: Lake boats, shipwrecks, lighthouses, canals, and life along the Great Lakes. Although the songs tell the stories, I introduce each of them so the listeners have the proper context for the story. 

My normal concerts are a mix of topics although I can do a concert on just one of those topics if requested. 

"The Miami and Erie Canal in Song" This program is part music and part lecture. It uses Powerpoint and music to tell the canal's history, its importance to Ohio, and parts of everyday life on the canal. 

"NW Ohio History in Song" contains songs about the Maumee River, the Battle of Fallen Timbers, the Native American Removal, the (Wabash) Miami and Erie Canal, and lighthouses, boats and people important to our area. 

"Great Lakes History in Song" contains songs about lake boats, shipwrecks, lighthouses, people, and life along the Great Lakes. 

"Great Lakes Christmas in Song" is a mix of traditional Christmas songs and carols and original songs about Christmas at a lighthouse, on a lake boat, on a canal boat, and at the Isaac Ludwig Mill. I've performed this program at "Holidays at the Manor House" for the past three years. 

Powerpoint Lecture Programs:

 “Perrysburg – A Great Lakes Port”  There was a time when Perrysburg, Ohio was the third-largest port on Lake Erie, behind Buffalo and Cleveland.

"Four Pioneers Who Shaped Northwest Ohio." These pioneers are largely forgotten today. I want to change that.