The Great Lakes shores are home to some pretty good baseball teams. I've recorded songs about the Cubs, Tigers, and the Toledo Mud Hens. This is my latest.


  The Indians Great Season
   (c) 2009 by Russ Franzen
Hello, Baseball fans everywhere, Let me tell you of a chase
by a baseball team on Lake Erie's shore in a four-way pennant race.
A 20-to-one longshot to make it to the top,
It was a crazy year but the Indians were not about to stop.
1)  Bob Feller took the mound on the season's opening day.
     Like every team, the Indians thought they could go all the way.
     When the season hit July, on the top they tried to stay.
     They were fighting for the top spot with the Yanks, Red Sox, and A's.
     Then Bill Veeck opened his bag of tricks. He looked like quite a sage
     when he signed an aging pitcher by the name of Satchel Paige.
     He had a wind-up like a windmill, he kicked his foot up to his face,
     He pitched over, under, and sidearm and kept the batters dazed.
chorus:   Another win for the Indians, No one's looking back.
             Somebody might be gaining, just like old Satchel said.
             Folks gathered 'round the radio, they filled the stadium by the Lake.
             No, Cleveland ain't seen nothing like the team in '48.
2)  Gene Bearden threw the knuckler and won 20 games that year.
     Old Satchel's Hesitation Pitch had batters swingin' at air.
     Bob Feller and Bob Lemon threw nothin' but heat.
     Those great Indians pitchers sure were hard to beat.
     The shortstop, Lou Boudreau, it was his team to steer.
     He managed the team and hit .355 in his MVP year.
     Gordon, Keltner and Doby hit the baseball into space
     And kept the '48 Indians in that crazy pennant race.
3)  There were fireworks over the stadium that the fans loved to see,
     Good Old Joe Eady had his Day and every fan was king.
     Rapid Robert threw from the mountaintop, there was a custom infield, too,
     And signs stolen from the scoreboard, courtesy of the ground crew.
     The '48 team had four All-Stars, Six made the Hall of Fame
     But everyone contributed, depending on the game.
     In the playoff with the Red Sox, Bearden pitched just like an Ace
     And Keltner and Looie homered to win the pennant race.
     In the series, facing Spahn and Sain and the rest of the Boston Braves,
     The Indians were the stronger team. The fans came out in waves.
     The pitchers were overpowering, the batters took their licks,
     And the Indians were world champions, they won it all in six.