Great Lakes Waters 

This album is dedicated to the many volunteers who keep the history of the lighthouses along the Great Lakes alive.

The Keeper of the Light. The inspiration for this song came from Elizabeth Whitney Williams' autobiography. She was Keeper at Beaver Island and Little Traverse Lighthouses and wrote eloquently about living and working in a remote island lighthouse.

Pet Rocks to the Rescue. In 1977, the folks in Grand Marais, MI sent a message to Washington. The good folks at The Great Lakes Pilot reminded me…

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Herman and Lily: In Flight 

Herman the Mouse and Lily, his wife,

Were living a rather boring life.

They lived in a bookstore, which is truly not horrible,

Among the people who they called “The Nobles.”

    Herman and Lily lived in sort of a cave

    That they carved behind the Nobles’ safe.

    It was pleasant enough, a smart little villa,

    But the life they lived was pure vanilla.

Oh, in this big Noble pad, there was fun to be seen.

Especially when Herman’d had some caffeine.

It made his mind race and his toes rev and roar,


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Russ Franzen, Great Lakes Balladeer