Thanks to the River
© 2014 by Russ Franzen

Here on the river it's quiet today
The water flows slowly by
And the hectic pace of this workaday life
flows away with a contented sigh.
I imagine the natives just passing by,
Gliding silently past this place
As they fished in these waters with nets and with spears
At a determined, patient pace.

Chorus: The river means freedom, the river means peace,
Our history flows past her banks.
And I like to sit here whenever I can
And sing her a song of thanks.

Villages and cities once grew by her shores.
She gave their mills power, you see.
She helped them build houses. She helped them make bread
As she journeyed on down to the sea.
Today on the river, we still can canoe.
There'll be fish for our dinner tonight.
And a day on the river makes me feel new
And makes even hectic days right.