I wrote this when the City of Detroit was getting serious about tearing down Tiger Stadium. I got a call later from Ernie Harwell, who told me he enjoyed the song. I'll always cherish that memory...


Tiger Stadium’s Lament
© 2007 by Russ Franzen

1) I’ve been in this city for many a year
And I’ll tell you some stories if you’ll lend me an ear.
I can tell of the Tigers between the base lines
And even the Lions in happier times.
I can talk of old Bennett and Navin and Briggs
And the teams that they built in the American League.
I saw all those players, wearing flannel and wool,
At the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

chorus: In this big old building of concrete and steel
Where families through the turnstiles stream
Where the air smelled like peanuts, of hot dogs and beer,
Was that field of dreams that we all hold dear.

2) I loved watching Cobb, with his sharp flying spikes.
And Wahoo Sam Crawford, who the fans really liked.
I saw Cochran and Goslin in the team’s early days
I saw runs, hits and errors and really great plays.
I was there when Lou Gehrig hung up his cleats
And saw 35 baseballs fly out to the street
I’ve seen game-winning homers from lots of big names
And felt Reggie’s big blow at the All-Star Game.

3) I saw Mayo’s boys win in ’68,
And Sparky’s ’84 team win 35 out the gate.
When Denny played the organ, it was something to hear
And I talked to Bird on the mound in his great rookie year.
I saw the Gehringer and Greenberg and Kaline hey-days
And heard Ernie Harwell call all the plays.
I loved having seats hanging over in Right
And the cheers of “The Brow,” who came night after night.

4) Despite all I’ve seen, they say I’m too old
So I sit here, the house by the side of the road.
They say I must go, that I’ve played my part,
But I’ll live for all time in the Tigers fans’ hearts.