Herman and Lily: In Flight

Herman the Mouse and Lily, his wife,

Were living a rather boring life.

They lived in a bookstore, which is truly not horrible,

Among the people who they called “The Nobles.”

    Herman and Lily lived in sort of a cave

    That they carved behind the Nobles’ safe.

    It was pleasant enough, a smart little villa,

    But the life they lived was pure vanilla.

Oh, in this big Noble pad, there was fun to be seen.

Especially when Herman’d had some caffeine.

It made his mind race and his toes rev and roar,

Then he’d run like a flash o’er the Nobles’ green floor.

     And sometimes at night (this worked like a charm)

     He’d step out of his house and trip the alarm.

     The big bell would sound, the cops shout, “Begorra!”

     Then they get on the phone and wake up poor Nora.

Then Herman, while sipping his coffee one day,

Said, “Lily, why don’t we just get away.

We need something fun. We’re just here surviving.

Let’s do something fun. Fun like Sky-diving!”

     Lily just laughed. She’d heard this before.

     But Herman was mad. He stomped out the door.

     “I’ll show her,” he said. “I’ll go in free flight

     And fall through the air from a very high height.”

So that’s what he did one morning, you see.

(But only after his morning caffeine)

He perched high above the Nobles’ Café

And let out a yell. A big “Bomb’s Away!”

     Then Herman the Mouse, that flying machine,

     Landed head first in a plop of whipped cream.

     That Latte with Whip was a thing of the past

     And its owner was wide-eyed and looking aghast.

“It’s raining mice!” one customer cried

While others jumped up and ran outside.

Herman just stared out…looking around

At the tables where lots of sweet things could be found.

     He abandoned his latte for something supreme.

     It was something about which he only could dream.

     It was there on the table. It was not a dream.

     It was a vanilla cupcake topped with butter cream!

There was no time to linger. No time for fun.

The Nobles were coming for him on the run!

So Herman took a big bite of the cream.

The sugar rush hit him and he was off with a scream.

     He was off through the Café and under the fridge,

     Then across the railing that he used as a bridge.

     With a sugar-fueled leap, he flew through the air

     And landed feet-first on a big Comfy Chair.

When he got back home behind the big safe,

Herman the Mouse shook like a leaf.

He was tired and scared as Lily looked on

And she said, “Dear Herman! What’s going on?”

     “I did what I told you. I dove from the sky.

     And it won’t be the last time, and I’ll tell you why.

     It was scary, I tell you, and I can’t tell you when,

     But for butter cream frosting, I’ll do it again!"

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